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Futurism in San Francisco

A Guided Expedition Through the Metropolis with Lucy Nebeskey 


Unveiling the Gold Rush Era

Our meeting point is none other than the Embarcadero Plaza, nestled within San Francisco's financial district. Here, amidst the very grounds where 19th-century gold miners once arrived by boats, our expedition commences, echoing with the dreams of prosperity that resonated within the shipwrecks of their pursuit.

Embarking on the Futurist Manifesto

Our next chapter propels us skyward, unveiling the City-within-theCity—a living embodiment of the 20th-century architectural futurist manifesto. Emerging from the visionary expressions of futurist artists, this concept transforms into reality across the multi-level terraces of the Embarcadero business district.


Immersing in Science Fiction

Delving deeper, we find ourselves immersed in the geometric marvels of the world's loftiest atrium at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Within the towering sculpture "Eclipse," a new dimension beckons from the depths of the obsidian mirror.

Journey into Abstract Thinking

Transitioning into a realm of abstract contemplation, we embark on an exploration of sculptures and contemporary art pieces that ingeniously capture the essence of nature, time, and light. Our path along the Embarcadero terraces is adorned with these evocative creations.


Ecological Insights into Consciousness

Returning to solid ground, we navigate the corridors of 21st-century tech corporations' skyscrapers. The streets unfold before us as we traverse this modern landscape. Our voyage crescendos to a stunning finale—an enchanting levitating garden atop the Sales Force Transit Centre.

Your presence and curiosity are cherished companions on this quest, and our team extends its sincere appreciation
for your camaraderie.

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Lucy Nebeskey

Author, Ph.D. researcher, curator, art scientist, and experienced traveler 

in cultural studies


Tommy Jack Russel

I’m a canine resident of San Francisco, boasting over 5 years of extensive experience exploring every corner of this city. 

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